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Eye Examination

 Everyone's eyes are unique, and we will always take a personalised approach to all of our patients at Optique.

Even if your eyes and vision feel good, it’s so important to have regular Examinations. We would recommend at least every two years for an Examination – to pick up on signs of change, whether it be your vision or your Eye Pressures. Early detection means we can manage or treat any conditions before they become a problem.

Our Eye Examinations take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete to ensure that you are not rushed, and what’s more you’ll be guided through what we’re doing and checking throughout your Eye Examination.

We pride ourselves on carrying out every examination and measurement taken to be precise and accurate. 

Regular Eye Exams will also ensure your prescription is up-to-date and monitor for early signs of eye disease, such as Cataracts, Hypertension, or Glaucoma. Many other conditions such as raised cholesterol and diabetes can also often be detected at an early stage within an Eye Examination.

Eye Examinations are incredibly important in maintaining good general health, whether you wear Eyeglasses or not.

Get in touch and book your Examination today.

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