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Child with Contact Lens

Contact Lens Examination

Do you feel like a break from wearing your Glasses, maybe for sports, or activities, or that special occasion where Glasses just won’t cut it? Then our Contact Lens Examination is the right Exam for you.

You can think of our Contact Lens Examination as an add-on to an Eye Examination. Having several additional components, including a consultation with our experienced Optometrist to determine the right type of Contact Lenses for your lifestyle is essential to successful Contact Lens wear.

Our professional team will take the necessary additional measurements and assess key parts of your eyes, including the Cornea, tear film, so we can recommend the right fit for your unique eyes.

Once your Prescription and most suitable Contact Lenses have been determined, our team will prepare Trial Contact Lenses for you, which are included within the Examination fee.

A new Contact Lens wearer would also then need the right aftercare and to ensure a safe application and removal of your new Contact Lenses, and for this we would schedule a Contact Lens Teach for you with one of our Professionals.

If you are an Existing Contact Lens Wearer, then you are already halfway there, but we want to ensure you are still wearing the absolute best Contact Lens for you within our Contact Lens Examination.

We recommend your Prescription is issued annually so we can ensure your eyes are in perfect condition to wear again and again for years to come. Get in touch today to book your Examination today and be wowed by the freedom of Contact Lenses.

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