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Catch London

Catch London, a new brand by eyewear designer Tom Davies, offers a fresh new take on creativity in eyewear. The brand focuses on design and unique colours using custom materials handmade in their London factory. Whilst Catch London offers unique, playful, and boundary-pushing eyewear pieces, many of the frames are equally understated and elegant.


The Acetate Kitchen was originally invented so Davies could design his own acetate colours. It has since developed into a bespoke material production line, where customers and opticians can design and make one-of-a-kind acetate plates for their frames. As an eyewear brand under The House of Tom Davies, the collection offers signature colours that are vibrant, original and distinctive.


The shapes are flattering, innovative and most importantly, perfectly fitted. Just as you would expect from The House of Tom Davies.

Ted Baker Eyewear: Product
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