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Prescription Lenses

Lenses are not one size fits all. There are a multitude of lens materials, coatings, and designs to choose from. 

Our exclusive portfolio of lenses requires personalized measurements that we take using our iPad digital device to minimize error and maximise the clarity and comfort from your lenses. 

Each client at Optique is dispensed the most appropriate material, coatings, and lens design based on their personal needs. Every set of lenses is measured individually so that your lenses are made to measure for you and no one else every time. 

Whether you need non-prescription sunglasses, or a digitally surfaced FreeForm progressive lens, we can provide you with exactly what you need.

We offer some of the very best in lens treatments, including Blue Light protection, Transitions, or Anti-Glare with oleophobic and hydrophobic qualities.

It is no good just selecting fabulous new frames if your vision is compromised by poor quality lenses, and that will never happen at Optique.

See what you’re missing and arrange a consultation today.

Prescription Lenses: Services
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