The Ørgreen team has championed visionary and boundary-pushing design of titanium and Acetate optical frames.

Colours inspired from everyday life, from a candy wrapper, or a Christmas decoration is evident throughout the collection.

Ørgreen’s core values ensure that the collection compliments the person who is wearing the frame, and not the opposite way around.

Characterised by a persistent pursuit of the best Japanese craftsmanship. Individually handcrafted over a period of 4-6 months, each frame goes through more than 100 production steps to ensure quality and perfection. And there is a hand involved at every step.

Streamlined aesthetic that is totally aligned with the Danish angle of elegance at Ørgreen Optics.


(345) 949 - EYES (3937)

8 Queens Court Plaza, West Bay Road

Box/Suite 1151

George Town

 Grand Cayman KY1-9006

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