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Ted Baker Eyewear

Having launched as a shirt specialist of some repute in Glasgow, Ted Baker quickly became the place to buy the very best contemporary designs and details.

Everything produced by Ted Baker bears his unmistakable personality. Ted weaves quality, ingenuity, and mischief into every piece. Mixing retro influences with contemporary flair, his eyewear collections are best described as quirky yet commercial, with a focus on high quality design detailing. Ted's eyewear is unique, refined, and trendy but – like the man himself – never dares to take itself too seriously.

TED BAKER JUST KIDDING (Boys & Girls aged 6 and up!)

The Ted Baker Just Kidding collection is a mini-me collection designed for the children of the beautiful and dapper Ted Baker customers. While many retro shapes and prints mimic the adult collection, the kid’s collection is more colorful, playful, and expressive, just like young fashionistas and handsome young gents that want to “out style” their parents.

Ted Baker Eyewear: Product
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